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7/5/14 update

Hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th… I want to start by saying Thank You to all those that supported our 1st Annual No White Flags for Cancer Golf Tournament. It was an amazing experience and tremendous success, all because of each one of you. Click or copy & paste the link below into […]

6/3 update

All test have come back normal, no signs of cell changes or Leukemic blast.. Positive thoughts, prayers and love has helped us as a family work through these trying times. Tyler will continue receiving treatment every week for another 26 wks. Thanks to those who purchased a NVR SURRENDER t-shirt supporting Tyler and others affected […]

5/26 Update

Happy Memorial Day! Let us not forget those who have paid the ultimate price defending our country. Thank you to everyone that has served our country past & present. Tyler has been doing well the past several weeks. He receives chemo once a week, usually on Mondays. Mondays are good because it gives him a […]

5/6 Update

Hello everyone, Sorry, it’s been a few wks since we sent out an update. Tyler is doing much better than a few wks back. His infection is about gone, counts are back to normal (for the situation) and he started receiving chemo again last week. Overall, he’s been in pretty good sprits. He can’t wait […]

4/29 Update

Well yesterday was the first time in 4 wks Tyler received chemo. Depending on how you look at it, that could be good or not. His counts have been suppressed for that long due to infections and the antibiotic. His oncologist wasn’t a fan of deviating from his road map, but his body just wouldn’t […]

4/22 Update

Tyler went in yesterday for normal labs and an EKG. His EKG came back with abnormal QT. So today his cardiologist suggested that some of his meds and possibly some Chemo’s may need to be altered to improve this condition. Just one battle after another.. What a brave young man! He just keeps putting one […]

4/19 Home

Made it home today. Counts are low (neutropenic), so he’s isolated to his room until Monday. At least he’s home and feeling a little better. Still working on getting rid of the infection. Monday, he’ll have labs and possibly restart chemo since it’s been 2 wks. since his last treatment. His doctor doesn’t want to […]

4/17 Update

Well it’s been a crazy 24 hrs. Tyler was adamant that he be released last night from the hospital. So, with hesitation they released him around 10pm. Early this morning he woke up very sick and tried to tough it out, but he just couldn’t do it. So we just got checked in at Nemours […]

4/13 Update

Still hunkered down in the hospital. Started running a slight fever today.. Pain is being controlled. Hopefully tomorrow’s test results give the doctors an idea what meds need to change. The fear is after 3 yrs of being medicated, which one of the antibiotics has the body become immune to and will there be something […]

Happy Birthday 4/12

20 yrs ago you came into this world and changed many lives. Since that day, you’ve touch many peoples hearts and minds. You have especially changed my heart and mind over the years! Please continue to be the hard head fighter we’ve all grown to love… I need you… You make my heart beat and […]