4/11 Update

Still struggling to recover.. His doctors were going to release him for the weekend so he wouldn’t have to spend his birthday in the hospital, but Ty chose to stay. Those of you that know Tyler, that’s unlike him to want to stay in the hospital. They’re running test but don’t expect results back until Monday. He’s resting peacefully; that’s a good sign. We just need to hope and pray this infection doesn’t continue to compromise his health. Will keep everyone posted.

Happy Birthday man!


4/10 Update

Ty’s still in the hospital recovering from infections and received platelet and blood transfusions. He’s improving each day and we hope he can come home tomorrow being that his Birthday is Saturday.

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4/7 Update

Ty’s being admitted to the hospital today. Infections are not healing, platelets are low, so he’ll receive a transfusion and we’re hoping they can get his pain under control too. This dude is amazing!

His birthday is this week! Let’s work hard all week to get additional sponsors, and donations to help him and No White Flags for Cancer put on a tremendous 1st Annual Golf Tournament.

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4/6 Update

Well welcome to the cancer roller coaster ride.. After receiving great news on both the marrow and spinal testing’s, Ty’s been battling a few infections lately. Unfortunately, after a week of no chemo the infections are not getting any better. He continues to fight, but in this case, he’s been fighting on his back, bed ridden for several weeks now. It takes a lot of effort for him to even drink much less eat something, which isn’t helping the recovery process. Even though the hospital is one of Ty’s favorite places to stay (NOT), it’s probably time for him to consider that option. We will keep everyone posted. Continued thoughts and prayers please!

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3/27 Update

Well Ty had his first spinal of this phase and his fluid came back negative for Leukemia blast!! What a major relief for everyone especially for Tyler. He’s been feeling a little under the weather lately due to side effects of the radiation and continued chemo.
It’s truly unbelievable how well this young man has hung in there this whole time (3+ yrs.. of treatments). Can’t wait to see him start giving back to others and moving forward with all the desire he has for his life.

You are an awesome young man and an inspiration to me and lots of other people. Love you man.


1st Day of Maintenance

Hey everyone,

Today was Tyler’s official start to the Maintenance phase of his treatment. He had a spinal today, so just like the marrow test we’re waiting the test results. He’s still dealing with the side effects from his last treatment and radiation (bone and joint pain w/ nose & mouth break out).

Please continue the positive thoughts and prayers!

It was a very special weekend for us all.. Grandma Gladys and Aunt Wendy from Minnesota was with us. What special people, who we miss dearly. Thank you both for all the prayers, support and for visiting. Travel safe and we’ll see you both soon.

Mike, Steph & boys

If you’re follow journal updates via this site, you can make comments just like Caring-bridge that Ty will be able to read.

Tough Day for Ty

It’s been a mentally tough day for Tyler. The radiation side effects continue. After finally growing some hair back, today it started falling out. So, needless to say this certainly has had affect on him. He’s now battling bone and joint pain again due to the steroids he must take.

Thank you all for keep up with Tyler. It really means a lot to him and to our family. Some times you feel like you’re all alone on an island.


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All funds raised will be split between improving Tyler’s way of life as he starts his transition back and to help our new organization No White Flags for Cancer continue the mission of inspiring, supporting and improving the quality of life to those affected by cancer.
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Hey everyone,

Tyler will have his final cranial radiation treatment tomorrow morning. He has handled this fairly well with minimal side effects (extremely tired and nose bleeds). There are of course other potential side effects that could show up over time that we’ll need to watch for.
Monday, he will officially start the maintenance phase of his treatment. Maintenance will consist of once a week treatment with labs for 50 weeks. His first week, he’ll get a lumbar to test his spinal fluid. So, next week will be stressful waiting on results.

We are all looking forward to our 1st Annual No White Flags for Cancer Golf Tournament on June 21st. Come out and enjoy some fun with family and friends while supporting a great cause.

Love to all


Day 3 of Radiation

So far, so good.. Ty’s radiation is going well. The only side effect (really tired) just hit him today.

Will keep everyone posted as the days move along. Thanks and love to all.


2/24 Update

Well we end last week on a high note with bone marrow test coming back negative. How SWEET is that???
This week will include, chemo Vincristine this morning and radiation everyday for the next 12 days. They also put him back on steroids for this last phase before maintenance. His doctor felt like the pros out way the cons at this point in his treatment.

Will update again soon