What a mile stone & awesome day… BONE MARROW TEST WERE NEGATIVE!!

Thank you all for the continued thoughts & prayers..


Another Change

Good morning,

Tyler won’t have radiation today due to a concern of his counts being low. Therefore, he’ll have labs this morning, a transfusion if necessary with his first round of radiation now scheduled for Monday.
We are still anxiously waiting the results of his Bone Marrow test. Hopefully we hear something today or tomorrow.

This Sunday 2/23, will be 3 years since his diagnosis. Hard to think about what this disease has taken from him. What strength…. mentally and physically.


Important Week!!

Hey everyone,

This is a big week for “The Boss” and for all of us too. He goes in tomorrow for labs at 8 AM then Bone Marrow, High Dose Vincristine and PEG. Tuesday, he goes in for his first secession of Cranial Radiation. It’s going to be a tuff and tense week all around… Need all the thoughts and prayers as we wait for the results of the Bone Marrow testing.

Love you all..

Mike and the gang

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Update 2/7/14

Ty had outpatient chemo yesterday and was fitted for his radiation mask today. Radiation will start next Wednesday and his Oncologist is going to give him Valentines Day off and reschedule his next chemo.

Maintenance phase is approaching quickly. The first part of maintenance will consist of a bone marrow sample, high dose Vincristine, PEG and radiation. Yeah, maintenance ???

Finally, we will soon transition his journal updates to our No White Flags for Cancer site. If you would like to follow the updates, please go to the site and click the “Follow” button on the bottom right. We’re also slowly transitioning the site to incorporate more about the foundation, so stay tuned.

Love you all


Chemo tomorrow

Hello everyone –

Yep, he just got home, now back again tomorrow for a different round of chemo. He’s been in bed not feeling good since Monday. So, he’ll be at the clinic all day tomorrow then his mock up for radiation will be Friday. They plan to start his radiation treatments sometime next week.

Will update again soon. Love to all and thanks so much for the continued support.


Finally made it home!

What an awesome day… Ty’s home, no more scheduled in patient stays! He’s not feeling well, but that’s typical after this heavy dose.

Will update again when we know more about his upcoming radiation.

Mike and the gang…

Still in the Hospital

Tyler is still in the hospital… Having a rough time clearing out the chemo. Hopefully, he’ll get to come home today.

Had to reschedule his radiation consultation for Thursday.

Will update again soon.


In the hospital for the last time

Ty was admitted last night for his last dose of high methotrexate and the last time he’ll need to stay overnight. He’s scheduled to receive chemo today and tomorrow then we hope his body works hard to flush it out, so he can come home Sunday.
He has his fitting and a trial run for cranial radiation Monday morning.

He’s half way to home plate…. He’s got this!!! I thought I was pretty tough growing up, but this young man (my son) is incredible and an inspiration for a lot of people. What a story he’ll be able to share and the motivation it will give others to fight!!!

Let the count down begin…


Wk 49 Last Dose of High Methotrexate

Hi everyone,

Tyler is scheduled to receive his last high dose methotrexate treatment this Thursday. After 3 years of this intense battle, we can’t wait to see the smile and relief on his face when he walks out of the hospital Sunday.
Soon after, he’ll start his cranial radiation treatments. Then it’s on to the maintenance phase.

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Will send out another update again Sunday..